Entrants & Exhibitors

2018 Ancaster Fair Prizebooks

2018 Prize Book: Everything, except School Fair
2018 Homecraft : Homecraft, Juniors, Fruit and Vegetables.
2018 School Fair : Blue cards to be picked up at Ancaster Fair Office
Spelling Bee registration
2018 Horse Prize book

Online Entries (Click here)

The Guernsey, Beef, 4H Dairy, & 4H Beef show are to use AssistExpo for entries.     https://www.assistexpo.ca/ancaster-ag-society

Below are the paper version of the entry forms:
Homecraft & Poultry form
4H exhibit form
Ancaster Fair Hunter Entry form
Entry form Homecraft & Poultry 
Goat Entry Form
Horse Entry
Llama Entry form
Sheep form
WHAO assumptions of risks