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Rooted in the Community - Growing for the Future

Since the move to our location on Trinity Road in 2009, the Ancaster Agricultural Society (AAS) has invested over $22 million in our existing infrastructure and is planning for long-term future growth with an additional $5 million investment in new facilities.

Whether it be weddings or rodeos, our 90,000 sq ft onsite facilities provide a location for events that need more stretching room than available at the downtown venues.

By adding a new 75,000 sq ft building to the existing 90,000 sq ft onsite facilities, we will be able to continue to accommodate more space for the events and service we provide. Our goal is to be the premier equestrian, livestock, tradeshow and event facility in Southern Ontario.

As a society with a focus on agriculture, the new building will give us the opportunity to seek large agricultural events to further encourage the country to welcome the city. Availability of such a facility will also encourage participants to stay in Canada for events rather than venture to the USA for competitions.

The plan is to begin construction in the Fall of 2020 and to be completed by Summer 2021 in time to celebrate the Ancaster Agricultural Society’s 171st anniversary.

Your Help can Make it Happen

The total cost of the new centre and site improvements, including all equipment and furnishings, is estimated at $5 Million. The Ancaster Agricultural Society, through careful financial management and the excellent leadership of a volunteer board of directors, members and staff currently have $1.4 Million in short-term investments to start the project and have the potential to sell additional assets worth approximately $1.5 Million if required.

We must now raise the remaining $2 Million through our “Rooted in the Community – Growing for the Future” campaign. The Ancaster Agricultural Society does not undertake this Capital Campaign lightly, and we seek charitable community funding only when necessary. Our plan is to raise the majority of the funds through a Capital Campaign via sponsors, government grants, partnerships, pledges, foundations, donations and traditional fundraising. We will also look to trades and services that would be able to supply in-kind services to reduce the capital cost.

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