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Welcome Fair Friends – A message from the 2017 President Brenda Parkin

This year marks our 167th Ancaster Fair, 17 years older than our country and our province. For our country’s 150th birthday, our theme is CANADIAN GROWN. At the Ancaster Fair, we are very proud of our heritage. We strive to bring our knowledge and experience to every part of our fair and our activities all year long. The mandate of the Ancaster Agricultural Society is EDUCATION. We as volunteers dedicate ourselves to make our fair enjoyable, so you don’t even know you are learning. Our members strive to make Ancaster Fair the best in our community by bringing our community together for 4 days in September. We do this in various ways, from our Agricultural and Homecraft competitions to demolition derbies, midway rides, and free demonstrations in Marritt Hall and throughout the grounds. Our School Fair is one of the largest in Ontario. It is important that our urban friends learn where their food comes from and how it gets to their dinner tables.

We are generations of volunteers making our fair happen every year and have made it into one of the best events in Hamilton-Wentworth, so don’t miss it! I extend a heartfelt welcome for all to come to the Ancaster Fair on September 21, 22, 23, and 24. Come and enjoy all we have to offer. Take a step back in time and see how it was done 100 or even 150 years ago in our Heritage Square, and learn about agriculture through the ages in our Education Building. See and touch farm animals in old McDonald’s Barn. Check out the Homecraft competitions and displays, and say ‘Hey I can do that too!’ See the many animal competitions from 4H kids showing rabbit, calves or llamas that they raised, to the sheep, goat, and horse shows. Don’t forget the poultry building.

Come and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells (who can resist the smell of back bacon on a bun?), and the friendship at the FAIR…… Do you remember?

Brenda Parkin
President of The Ancaster Agricultural Society, 2017

2017 – ANCASTER FAIR – 30 Second Commercial – SEE YOU AT THE FAIR!


Thank you Heritage Days – Next big Ancaster event – THE ANCASTER FAIR – see you there!

Sneak Peak at the Main Stage for the 2016 Ancaster Fair


The Ancaster Fair Baby Show – Saturday Sept 24th!


The Homecraft Committee of the Ancaster Fair – Volunteers Needed

Homecraft Division is in need of about 20 new volunteers/members for both year round events and at the fair

Please contact

Susan Tremaine
Homecraft President

630 Trinity Rd. South
Jerseyville, Ontario, L0R 1R0
Phone: (905) 648-6198



Homecraft Category 53 – Just for Seniors


The Ancaster Fair Homecraft Committee – has something for everyone including a special section of Seniors Categories.

Chairman: Melanie Blum; Kay Aldrgate, Jennifer Downey, Mary Downey, Bailey Hernden, Karen Hernden, Dorothy Wentworth


  1. Open to Men & Women 60 years of age and over.
  2. Entries may not have been shown prior to 2015.
  3. Senior Citizens entering in this Class may also enter other Classes in the Homecraft Division.
  4. To qualify for most senior exhibitor prize, please remember to note age on entry tags.

1st – $5.00; 2nd – $4.50; 3rd – $4.00; 4th – $3.50; 5th – $3.00


  1. Knitted Lace
  2. Decorative Lampshade
  3. Handmade brooch, any materials
  4. Rug, any medium
  5. One Pillowcase, embellished
  6. Zucchini bread, half loaf, in resealable bag
  7. A scrapbook 2 page spread featuring Family Tradition(s)
  8. Striped Socks, handmade, using multi-coloured yarn
  9. Functional Wooden Item, must be handmade SPECIAL: Gift to the First Prize Winner, donated by The Windmill Country Market, Mount Pleasant
  10. Decorative Wooden Item, must be handmade
  11. Cottage Afghan, knitted or crocheted
  12. Baby Afghan, knitted or crocheted, not larger than 45”
  13. Handpainted Saw or Saw blade
  14. Decorative Painting, (e.g. folk art) on any other surface medium, not a framed picture
  15. Quilted Article, not to exceed 48”x 54” Special: $10.00 to the 1st Place Quilted Article in memory of Barbara MacMillan
  16. Teas Cosy
  17. Bunka Picture, ready to hang
  18. Decorative Cushion or Pillow
  19. Poncho or cape, knitted or crocheted
  20. Apron
  21. Handmade Fabric Article of Clothing, must be sewn
  22. A coloured zentangle, maximum 12” square (see web for definition and information)
  23. Fruit Cocktail, 500ml or pint sized jar, sealed
  24. Bazaar Article, suitable for Christmas
  25. Bazaar Article, any other kind, $10.00 value or less
  26. Bazaar Article, any other kind, valued at more than $10.00
  27. Functional Purse or Tote
  28. Article of Ceramic or Porcelain (no porcelain lace, please)
  29. Mother In Law’s Tongue Plant 30. Bud Vase of
  30. Handmade Flowers
  31. Paper Tole Picture, ready to hang
  32. Article embellished with needle work i.e. embroidery, crossstitch, needlepoint, crewel etc
  33. Cross-stitch Picture, ready to hang
  34. Handmade Article of handiwork like Grandma used to make ie. tatting, smocking, hardanger, cutwork, etc –must be exhibitor’s own work

Click here for the prize book and full category listing

Or visit the Ancaster Fair office during regular business hours to pick up a copy.

Homecraft – Category 54A – “THE BUSY NEEDLES’ NOOK” – Ancaster Knitters 55 Categories to enter


Chairman: Betty Gilbert; Desiree Audette, Laura Baker, Lucy Fiander, Bob Gilbert, Cheryl Warner


1. No straight pins.

2. Articles must be new work, not previously worn.

3. Two pieces only where specified ie: select 2.

4. Section 1 thru 6 MUST BE hung on a baby hanger to protect your exhibit.

5. Please provide suitable hanger for garments. INFANT’S WEAR – Newborn to 24 Months

Section 1 thru 6 Must be hung on a baby hanger 1st – $5.00; 2nd – $4.50; 3rd – $4.00; 4th – $3.50; 5th – $3.00

Section: 1. Infant’s Sweater with Panties or Booties or Bonnet knitted, MUST be hung on baby hanger

2. Infant’s Sweater with Panties or Booties or Bonnet, crocheted, MUST be hung on baby hanger

3. Infant’s Dress, knitted, MUST be hung on baby hanger

4. Infant’s Dress, crocheted, MUST be hung on baby hanger

5. Infant’s Cardigan, knitted, MUST be hung on baby hanger

6. Infant’s Cardigan, crocheted, MUST be hung on baby hanger

7. Baby Shawl, knitted crocheted – approx. 36”by 36”

8. Baby Shawl, crocheted – approx. 36”by 36”

9. Baby Afghan, knitted – no larger than 50”

10. Baby Afghan, crocheted – no larger than 50”

11. Carriage Cover, knitted – no larger than 50”

12. Carriage Cover, crocheted- no larger than 50”

13. Bunting Bag

14. 1 pair Booties, Bonnet, 1 pair Mittens, Toque, knitted or crocheted – Exhibitor’s Choice: select 2 different matching items

15. Any item not listed knitted or crocheted CHILDREN – Three to Six Years (knitted or crocheted)

16. Sweater, pullover style

17. Sweater, cardigan style

18. Hat, Scarf, or Mitts, any matching two

19. Slippers knitted

20. Slippers crocheted

21. Child’s Toy Knitted or Crocheted Youth – Seven to Sixteen Years (knitted or crocheted)

22. Sweater

23. Poncho

24. Cowl

25. Shrug

26. Any item not listed LADIES or Men’s WEAR (knitted or crocheted) 1st – $6.00; 2nd – $5.50; 3rd – $5.00; 4th – $4.50; 5th – $4.00

27. Sweater, pullover style, 1 colour only

28. Sweater, cardigan style, buttons optional

29. Shawl or Poncho – Knitted

30. Shawl or Poncho – Crocheted

31. 1 Pair Socks

32. Hat, Scarf, or Mitts, any matching two – Knitted – 13 –

33. Hat, Scarf, or Mitts, any matching two – crocheted

34. Slippers

35. Vest or Shell – Knitted or Crocheted

36. Any item not listed HOME BOUTIQUE 1st – $12.00; 2nd – $10.00; 3rd – $8.00; 4th – $7.00; 5th – $6.00

37. Afghan, wave or zigzag stitch, crocheted, 42” x 50” or larger

38. Afghan, wave or zigzag stitch, knitted, 42” x 50” or larger

39. Afghan, granny squares, 42” x 50” or larger

40. Tablecloth 42”by 42” or larger

41. Any Christmas Afghan

42. Round Afghan, crocheted or knitted

43. Afghan, reversible style, knitted or crocheted, 42” x 50” or larger

44. Any Quilt style, crocheted or knitted, 42” x 50” or larger

45. Afghan, any other style, knitted or crocheted – 42” x 50” or larger

46. Lap Robe, knitted or crocheted, approximate size 36”x45”

47. Throw Rug, crocheted or knitted MISCELLANEOUS 1st – $5.00; 2nd – $4.50; 3rd – $4.00

48. Placemats, 2, knitted or crocheted

49. Pot Holders or hot pads, 2, knitted

50. Pot Holders or hot pads, 2, crocheted

51. Article of clothing suitable for a pet, knitted or crocheted

52. Dish cloth, knitted

53. Dish cloth, crocheted

54. Tea Cosy displayed on a teapot

55. 1 pair mittens, or 1 hat, or 1 scarf (article to be retained) No prize given for Section 55. Unlimited entries accepted. Donated to Ancaster Community Services. IN MEMORY OF JOYCE SATCHELL:

$10.00 to the Winner of Sec.24 BEST OF SHOW – $25.00 and Rosette Judges’s Choice Knitting – $25 gift card Mary Maxim Judges’s Choice Crocheting – $25 gift card Mary Maxim For Judges choice a proof of purchase from Mary Maxim is required Most PoinTs – $25.00 and THE ELMA & HAYES WOODLEY MEMORIAL PLAQUE

Homecraft has over 800 categories to compete in at the Ancaster Fair


The Homecraft Committee is a year round group, that organizes, and judges the Homecraft’s at the Ancaster Fair.  Year round they are organizing fund raisers.

There are over 800 different homecraft categories to participate in.

The 2016 Homecraft Committee

Carolyn Marsh – Past President
Susan Temaine – President
Elaine Latulippe – 1st Vice President
Audry McCann-Ryder – 2nd Vice President
Monica Kaminski – Treasurer
Linda Weylie – Friendship Convenor


Pick up your copy at the fair office and get an early start on your 2016 exhibits!

Download the Homecraft Prize List here

Download the Entry Form here