Ambassador & Scholarship Program

Sara Emick, 2019 Ancaster Fair Ambassador

Hometown: Mississauga

School: Brock University, Public Relations/ Communications

Personal Interests: Animals, Sports, Horseback Riding, Family (the most important thing)

Involvement: I have been attending the Fair since I was born! Helped my grandpa with Western and English Horse shows before joining the Poultry committee for the past several years.


 What does the Ancaster Fair mean to you?

I have grown up going to the Ancaster Fair every year since I was a newborn baby!  My family (Emick’s) has been a huge part in helping out with the fair throughout the years. My grandpa (papa) Peter Emick is a lifetime member of the fair and my Dad (Craig), Mom (Joan), and Aunt (Lori) have been involved in the fair, especially the horse show, their entire lives. Me and my sister Jackie have been officially part of the Poultry committee the past 6 years helping Fred with everything during fair time. However the Ancaster fair means so much more to me now than ever before. Growing up, we used to go every single year (even to the old fairgrounds before the new one was built) It was always a weekend where we got to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the country fair lifestyle. Now coming to the fair means that I get to see younger children turn off their social media and TV and enjoy learning about where their food comes from, what different animals feel like, how fun a demo derby can be, and also how amazing bacon on the bun is at ANYTIME of the day! My papa Peter is getting older now and he is so dedicated to the fair regardless of his health conditions and honestly a big part of me wants to be the Ancaster Fair Ambassador to honor him and all he has done for the Fair.



 What do you see as the ambassador’s role in the Ancaster Agricultural Society?

The Ancaster Fair Ambassador should be a social, fun-loving, responsible and perfect spokesperson for showcasing all of the amazing things the Fairgrounds offers each and every person! The Ambassador should be a good representative of what Fair community means: Family, Friends, and having an amazing time! The Ambassador should be able to attend all of the events throughout the year leading up to the big event: FAIR TIME!

Ancaster Fair Ambassador Competition

If you are between the ages of 18-25 (not married, with no children) and are interested in becoming the next Ancaster Fair Ambassador, please prepare the information below for the application. The Ambassador program will be part of the AAS Appreciation Night.
The Ambassador represents the Ancaster Agricultural Society at the OAAS Convention in February in Toronto, parades throughout the summer, at the CNE in Toronto in August, and other events held at the Ancaster Fair (dinners, luncheons, etc). The Ambassador also is a crucial member of the Society at the annual Fair, attending many of the events and presenting ribbons. Each year with the AAS is different, and we want to have the Ambassador involved in as much as possible that goes on at the Fairgrounds.

How to apply for the Ancaster Agricultural Society’s Fair Ambassador:

Please prepare the following and send to the AAS office: Ambassador Committee –

1. Your up to date resume

2. Answers to the following questions (maximum ½ a page answer for each question):
A. What does the Ancaster Fair mean to you?
B. What do you see as the Ambassador’s role in the Ancaster Agricultural Society?

3. Please provide answers to the following questions (the information will be used the night of competition).
• Hometown:
• School that you are attending or future goals:
• Personal Interests:
• What is or has been your involvement with the Ancaster Fair

How to submit the above information:

You can email your resume and responses to the questions to Debbie Lum , or drop off the information in person.

For the office’s address, please visit:

Submission Deadline:
To be considered for the competition, the above information must be submitted by 4:00 pm on Friday, September 27.

After the submission – next steps:

You will be contacted early in the week of October 20 with a schedule for the night of the competition held on Friday, November 1, 2019

The night of the competition you will meet with the judges, answer an impromptu question, and present your speech to the fair membership in attendance. (Your speech title will be provided when you are contacted.)

Your speech should be a minimum of 3-5 minutes in length, unless stated otherwise by the committee.

Thank-you for your interest in becoming the next Ancaster Fair Ambassador!