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Shrine Circus

Ancaster Fairgrounds has 2 for $35 tickets available in limited quantity.                                         *CASH ONLY FOR FAIRGROUNDS PICK-UPS*

Online prices are: $30 general admission $40 VIP $50 ringside

Show times: Thursday, July 14, 1pm & 7:30pm  Friday, July 15, 12pm, 4pm, & 7:30pm  Saturday, July 16, 12pm, 4pm, & 7:30pm  Sunday, July 17, 1pm & 5pm

The Shrine Circus Spectac! 2016 is coming to Ontario the summer of 2016 to amaze and awe audiences with our time honored circus. For 50 years, the Shrine Circus has been providing fun summer activities and entertainment for the kids… and for the entire family. Many adults still recall their first trip to the circus as a youngster, and to share this experience with your son or daughter of any age creates memories and traditions that will last a lifetime. Imagine sitting under the big top, popcorn in hand, as you are awed by the gravity defying performers of Spectac! 2016. Suddenly, the performing acrobats snap you back to reality as they skillfully fly through the air. The excitement doesn’t stop for the entire performance. Sit back and enjoy the bond between animal and trainer, as the animals are given positive reinforcement and encouragement to give a great performance. Our trainers treat their animals with love, caring and respect and consistently speak out against animal abuse and cruelty. Tickets for the 2016 season will be available as of mid-January 2016.