Ancaster Community Food Drive- virtual campaign 2021

February 28, 2021 @ 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Ancaster Community Food Drive- virtual campaign 2021 @ virtual

Together as one community, we continue to respond to the challenges and restrictions to our normal and instinctive patterns of behavior in defending ourselves against the COVID19 pandemic. Notwithstanding our basic instincts , yearning and desires to come together as we have done for the past 28 years, the Organizing Committee has made the difficult decision that our 29th Ancaster Community Food Drive , scheduled for Saturday March 6, 2021 will not take place this year. For almost three decades, thousands of people from the community of Ancaster, including our schools, businesses, Service Clubs and faith communities have come together in mid winter to replenish the depleted shelves of the food bank agencies serving our city of Hamilton. Looking back to March of 2020, the remarkable generosity of our community in food collected and financial donations for bulk purchases through Hamilton FoodShare, resulted in an impressive 102,000 lbs. of food for the food bank and community service agencies of Hamilton. Since the beginning of the Ancaster Community Food Drive, an accumulated total of 1,856,500 lbs. has been collected and donated to families in need throughout our city.

Although the current circumstances and requirements for continued social distancing and safety precautions due to the pandemic will prevent us from gathering in March 2021, the demands on our food bank and community service agencies has never been greater. We know the importance of the ACFD on providing a significant infusion of food during this mid winter period when the shelves of many agencies are almost empty. We remain confident that our continued sacrifices today, will get us to a better place and the hope that our 30th anniversary food drive in March of 2022, will be an awesome celebration of community.
In order to respond as a community to this unprecedented challenge in 2021, we invite your support for the 29th Ancaster Community Virtual Food Drive campaign culminating on Saturday March 6, 2021. We will not be knocking on your door this year, but we do hope you will be moved to making a financial donation directly to the agencies supported by the ACFD. Work is currently underway to update our website at to provide information and the important links to the various affiliated agency websites who provide these critical emergency food services to our neighbors in need.

Although we will not be able to celebrate together this year, sharing the same physical space at the Ancaster Fairgrounds, let us share the warmth in our hearts that comes from service to others who need our help. Let us show this city the wonderful power and promise of having many individuals responding to the call to make a financial donation and to be able to do it from the convenience of the own computer, tablet or cell phone. Let us show our friends at these important agencies just how much Ancaster cares!
ACFD Committee

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