Ancaster Fair Summer Camp

In July 2015 Ancaster Fair Summer Camp launched.

Over 4 weeks in July and August our counsellors and volunteers welcomed 56 youth age 5-12 years to camp.

We introduced a program like no other in the camp circuit including farm animals, a forest classroom, tractor wagon rides, craft and baking activities to enter at the Ancaster Fair, and all the songs and games that make camp memorable.

As we wrap up our final week of 2019 we reflect on 5 years of growth.

This year we welcomed 111 youth age 5-12 years to camp, a few who were with us in 2015 and many of their younger siblings or cousins or neighbours.

We continue to focus our program on agriculture and environmental awareness and have added a low ropes Adventureworks course element.

Our daily activities include hands on interaction with our 40+ farm animals and discussions on the care and needs of these animals.  We take 2 trips across 2 fields and past wetlands to a deciduous bush where we explore and learn about environments and how we contribute to their sustainability while the environment provides for us.   In the forest we’ve built our classroom, low ropes course, and 1.5km cleared trail.  Campers build shelters, hike, and participate in team building challenges on the ropes course.

Camp provides a safe, structured, child centered environment to play and learn for our campers.     Camp is a break from the usual and an opportunity to be a part of a new social experience. Campers work, play and learn together in a new group setting. This leads to new friends, new challenges, and new experiences and builds confidence and curiosity. Campers develop relationships with positive adult role models who work hard to bring out the best in each and every camper. Our camp staff teaches life skills, celebrate success, encourage individuality, community and creativity. Camp exposes children to new activities designed to build awareness, social skills, responsibility, leadership and motivation. Camp is where kids discover the best of who they are, and the world around them.

Ancaster Fair Summer Camp can’t wait to see our 2020 group of young campers, counsellors, and volunteers.

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