Equestrian Events

Our indoor heated riding arena is available all year long. Open Rides are an opportunity to keep you and your horse conditioned for next year’s show season.

Until further notice all open rides will be cancelled due to COVID restrictions.

See our schedule on our website and Facebook for disciplines and updates. $20/horse with proof of insurance.

Open rides will resume in late fall 2021
Monday- Obstacle
Tuesday- Cavalry
Wednesday- Barrel
Thursday- Pleasure
Due to being in shutdown strict protocols will be in place per ontario.ca and City of Hamilton regulations;
1- masks must be worn inside the arena unless actively riding
2- maximum gathering numbers
3- pre-registration must be made. Links found above for each session. 
4- screening must be completed prior to arrival. Link to complete http://www.ancasteragriculturalsociety.ca/screening/ScreeningSA.html . If you miss screening prior to arrival a QR or paper version will be available at the arena entry.
5- contactless payment strongly encouraged. $20/horse to be etransferred to tammy@ancasterfair.ca
Though these protocols add a layer of challenge the bright side is huge. Our volunteers are wonderful and doing their very best to provide a safe environment for everyone.
Please do your very best to adhere to our protocols and spread the information to anyone who may not see this post.
Thanks for your understanding and continued support.

Our Show Arena and Outdoor Rings are available throughout the year if you’d like to schedule a private or open ride time.

Please contact the fair office to reserve.

Ancaster's Shaver Homestead