Ancaster Fair September 22-25, 2022

We want to thank everyone for their continued support of our Ancaster Fair and our Society.
For everything our members, sponsors, and fair goers have done for us in the past, everything you still do and will continue to do, we at the Ancaster Agricultural Society just want you to know how thankful we are, and we look forward to a prosperous future together.
The Ancaster Fairgrounds, in compliance with Provincial and Municipal regulations, will require proof of double vaccination plus 14 days. The only exemptions are for unvaccinated people with medical exemptions and people under 12 years of age after December 31, 2021.
All attendees must adhere to mask by-law 20-155 and physical distancing.

Thank you to all of our Directors, members, volunteers, and staff who have made our society a place for education as we endeavour to enrich agriculture and community life in Ancaster.
Your contributions are great, your dedication recognized, and your presence appreciated.

Be a Gamechanger

We are thrilled to announce that our Past President’s have joined together, in support of our new 75,000 sq foot building, and raised $65,000.
We are excited to bring this multi-purpose agricultural facility to our community in early February 2022.


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Tony Bercowski – in the last week

Loved the spirit, the events, the whole country atmosphere and all the beautiful people and satisfying food. Greatest thrill was meeting and getting Fair Ambassador Sara Emick's autograph and photograph. #celebrity_bucks

Catherine Burden – 2 weeks ago

I went to the Great Canadian Butter Tart Festival on Saturday. The festival itself had amazingly delicious Butter Tarts, my only complaint was the venue. The way it was set up was not very disabled friendly. The aisles were difficult to manoeuvre, and if I had been in a wheelchair rather than using my cane, it would have been almost impossible to enjoy the event.

Abdul Latheef – 4 weeks ago

Excellent indoor activity place during the cold season. The inflatables were really big and fun filled varieties for the kids to go crazy. My son went nonstop for over 2hrs and still wanted more.

CJ Urech – 2 months ago

Ill-prepared for the amount of attendees. No parking, Portolettes were filthy, empty of soap and paper and few and far between. No seats/not enough stands or spectator access for the demo derby. Some picnic tables/benches or something would be nice at the food trucks as opposed to nothing. Be prepared for huge lines leading to big disappointments. Nothing like it used to be when on Rymal rd. Sadly, never again.

mike kelly binns – 4 months ago

We've been in craft shows here, wedding reception, auctions just to name a few. The main hall that is huge can be divided into ( I believe) 3 smaller rooms. If you have a venue no need to rent the whole hall. Bathrooms are large and well kept. In the front there's a lobby. Anytime we've been there because of it's size it had never felt crowded.